How we work

Music in Our Bones
 was set up in 2007, in the passionate belief that:
  • everyone should have the chance to sing with others
  • singing is an ancient accessible art form which has enabled people the world over, and throughout time, to make music as they work, celebrate, and gain solidarity and strength  together
  • that singing in harmony with others allows us to connect more deeply with our own emotional and spiritual lives, as well as offering us a profound sense of connection with others. We aim to create a sense of safety and acceptance in our sessions in which we can simply feel curious about our voices, our own unique instruments, and interested in how we can develop our singing abilities free of judgement
We aim to overcome barriers most of us face where making music with others is concerned by: 
  • teaching in a way that assumes no musical experience, by ear, using a wide variety of songs, often from different parts of the world where people are still connected as communities to their singing traditions
  • making our sessions affordable and ‘pay as you go’
  • offering workshops which are hopefully satisfying in themselves and which allow people to join us at any time in the year and without the need for commitment 
  • offering free ‘taster’ sessions to community groups so that people can experience for themselves the way that singing can lift our spirits and increase our sense of well-being. We hope especially to reach people who are managing long-term mental and physical health conditions or disability and family carers. Do contact us if you run such a group and would like a free ‘taster’ singing session
  • Please dip into our groups whenever you want. We are always welcoming newcomers, so you will not be alone if you start mid-term 
  • Due to this aim, our groups, whilst occasionally singing to family and friends as a way of celebrating our achievements, sing for the sheer joy of singing and not as rehearsals for public performance. We do hope though that singing with us may provide a stepping stone for many people into choirs that do concentrate on performance, or local singing groups which tackle more complex material ( see ‘local groups’) as performance brings its own excitement and sense of achievement

Music In Our Bones - singing to lift our spirits
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